Big Top reverse job fair kicks off expanded 2018 schedule Tuesday; new jobs platform coming

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It can be a scary, nerve-wracking process, especially the bitcoin jobs fairs time around. Employers are there to meet students who may be a good fit and explain more about the company and its openings, but it can make a bad first impression when you ask questions that are completely unrelated to the company, or have no idea what the company does.

A general understanding of the business should be plenty to get the conversation started. DO come prepared — do research ahead of bitcoin jobs fairs to see which employers are attending and identify which you may be most interested in.

Make sure to bring a resume. Bonus — business cards help young professionals stand out even more and also give you the opportunity to trade with the professionals! They are there to answer questions, but confidently walking up bitcoin jobs fairs the booth having questions ahead of time will help with this and starting a conversation makes it easier to feel comfortable and make the best first impression.

DO ask questions — even if you think you know everything there is possibly to know about the company and the position, ask questions that demonstrate your interest and to help you identify for yourself if the position is a fit. Bonus — ask questions that show you understand the company and what it does and demonstrate that you have been really listening to what they have to say. Lead your questions with information. Bitcoin jobs fairs know you mentioned …. Just throwing it down and moving on is one of the surest ways to get forgotten in the crowd.

DO share how your skill set makes you bitcoin jobs fairs fit for the position — use your questions to create a conversation that demonstrates why your skills are a fit for the company and position. For example, if they say a specific characteristic they look for in a candidate bitcoin jobs fairs jumps out at you, make sure to mention why.

Maybe you hate typos and they love AP style and grammar nerds. Make sure to use bitcoin jobs fairs time to impress and help them remember your resume. Employers generally receive quite a stack at career fairs, so make sure yours makes a lasting impression.

Bonus — tie your skills into your interests and explain why the job really applies to you. But why do you want THIS job? Why should they hire you, as opposed to other people with the same experience? This is especially applicable when bitcoin jobs fairs to your first or even first few internships. DO say why you want to work at that company — this bitcoin jobs fairs like an easy tip, but it goes a long way.

What about the company stands out to you? As a PR agency for example, they are all over Chicago. Is it the size, culture, type of work, past projects? Make sure to express your interest in that specific role bitcoin jobs fairs well. Not just the company — but why do you want to take that role at the company?

Often companies offer a couple types of internships — so why PR instead of writing, or social media? Talk about why you want experience in that area. DO Follow up afterwards — Follow up! Say it bitcoin jobs fairs nice to meet them and re-send your resume to make a connection after the event. Make sure to say thank you.

Employers are excited to come and talk bitcoin jobs fairs students, but bitcoin jobs fairs often taking time out of their work to do so. You probably got some good advice out of it, too! Bonus — include a sentence or two about why you enjoyed meeting them and what you enjoyed learning.

This demonstrates you took something away — and remembered the company specifically from bitcoin jobs fairs event.

It also helps you stand out as an interested applicant! In short, think about each booth as a mini informational interview and an opportunity to make long-term connections that can help you throughout your career. In order to make the best use of their time — and yours — while creating a lasting first impression, come prepared to get a better understanding so not only the employer, but also you can determine if the position is the right fit.

Coming prepared helps you spend bitcoin jobs fairs gathering specifics on the company, the application process and what the employer looking for, instead of just the general information everyone can find online. Use the time to help you stand out! A personal connection will always bitcoin jobs fairs a long way. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Interested in becoming a guest contributor? Twitter Tweets by WalkerSands 55 W.

Write a Reply or Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Footprints Blog Visit the Walker Sands bitcoin jobs fairs. We specialize in PR and marketing services for technology solution providers and B2B companies.

Walker Sands Digital offers a wide array of digital marketing solutions and helps firms to get the most from their online presence. Guest Blogging Interested in becoming a guest contributor? Twitter Tweets by WalkerSands.

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W hen I launched Coinality. Back then, the ideas were simple - a wallet with a decent UI that could handle multiple cryptocurrencies. I even got a 2. So I stuck with it and decided to further develop Coinality using developer talent sourced exclusively via Coinality. I posted a job on Coinality. Over 30 startups participated with over people in attendance.

Many success stories came out of the event, including a former Visa executive joining BitPay as Chief Compliance Officer. The events were all successful, proving that Coinality was well-positioned in a growing industry.

We found Bitsapphire on Coinality and hired them to design and develop Coinality. A year and a half later we had a working prototype and over pre-screened freelance blockchain developers ready to get to work. Unfortunately, we ran out of funds to support and maintain Coinality. I learned some expensive but valuable lessons with Coinality. I realized some time ago that I have done everything that I possibly can for Coinality.

Time has come to move on. The site has a 4. Coinality requires resources which I am no longer able to provide. Accordingly, Coinality is for sale! Included in the sale are all assets and data related to:. Cryptocurrency transaction preferred, but we are open to traditional payment methods. Additional data available upon request.