The first twenty Bitcoin documentaries were a mixed bag

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Over the last month, in a series of volatile swings, the price of the cryptocurrency bitcoin rose to a record high — then plunged to less than half that value. The abrupt bitcoin high 2013 movies have inspired comparisons to the dot-com bubble, and underscored the extremely speculative nature of investing in cryptocurrency.

Some speculate the recent slide was due to fear over regulatory crackdowns on the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency trading hotbed South Korea has suggested a ban on trading might be possiblethough the bitcoin high 2013 movies has not yet finalized any plans. Similar reports recently circulated about China.

The anxiety over anticipated crackdowns may have helped trigger a selloff across the cryptocurrency market Tuesday. The largest and best-known of hundreds of digital currencies, bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that is bought and sold in exchanges internationally.

And its value floats against other currencies the same way the dollar and the euro float against each other.

Users say it's got this very effective system for verifying transactions," NPR's Uri Berliner reports. And they say that's a good thing. But the recent price fall may not be a good thing for investors, who are still trying to figure out what the crash means for the future of the cryptocurrency.

Many other digital currencies have shown similar swings in recent days. When they collapsed, investors We see similar characteristics in cryptocurrencies right now. Bitcoin investors know this trend as bitcoin high 2013 movies. Investors saw a similar rise and fall in bitcoin prices in December And there have been dramatic rises and falls in the price of the cryptocurrency within the last year.

It tripled its value within months — then, by the end of the year, tripled again. You might make a profit, but what we are seeing is people who — in the last month or two — put money into bitcoin, are having bitcoin high 2013 movies getting cash back when they sell and are now watching the price fall and panicking.

My shower this morning after looking at my portfolio during this crash. Some say that bitcoin shows promise. Economists aren't so sure. Some analysts believe that the cryptocurrency might be trying to find a temporary bitcoin high 2013 movies floor, but Bitcoin high 2013 movies analysts think that the price of bitcoin could plummet again to half of its current valueCNBC reports.

And then I think it will probably crash. But I don't know how much — you know, how far down it will decline. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

The Two-Way There are hundreds of digital currencies worldwide. The price of the largest, best known one just plummeted by 50 percent. Now, investors are watching for a boom — or a bust.

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Economists say small-business owners — especially farmers dealing in high volume and low profit margins — are more likely to accept a volatile currency like Bitcoin than bigger businesses.

They're a way to do business with cashless customers, but 3 percent of every credit card sale is usually charged to the farmer as a transaction fee. That adds up in a high-volume, low-profit business like agriculture. The extra fee has farmers looking for a solution to save money; a few are finding one in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency: A Bitcoin wallet, just like a home, has a unique address. For a farmer accepting Bitcoin, customers with the currency would type in the amount to send yes, the wallet is accessible through smartphones to the farmer's wallet address and hit send.

Owner Clinton Felsted says he began using Bitcoin when a crew for the documentary Life on Bitcoin approached him about accepting the currency. Now he's working on a more user-friendly Bitcoin payment method that should be up and running by February for consumers buying his fruits and vegetables. But with few other businesses accepting Bitcoin, Felsted converts it back into U.

Bitcoin is most popular in the U. One of the first to sell greens in exchange for virtual currency lives in Argentina.

Two years ago, organic farmer Santiago Zaz started the Tierra Buena Network to deliver produce to customers from his and his neighbors' farms. That got him interested in creating a website for online purchases. With the help of his friend and software developer Nubis Bruno, they created one of the first produce-for-Bitcoin websites, Tierra Buena. Bruno says to date, a steady 1 in 10 sales comes in the form of Bitcoin.

Just like Felstad converting his bitcoins into U. Garrick Hileman with the London School of Economics, agrees that Bitcoin makes sense for farmers reliant on credit card transactions for sales. Using bitcoins over credit, he says, equals to keeping that 3 percent revenue per sale otherwise lost. And it could actually be more than that.

A few big tech companies, like OkCupid and Foodler, accept Bitcoin. But good luck paying utility bills or going mall shopping with it. The currency's volatility tends to scare big companies with more to lose than small companies, Hileman says. The upcoming documentary Life on Bitcoin shows farmers at a Salt Lake City market willing to take a risk with Bitcoin.

In this YouTube video clip, many agree to accept it as payment right away. A farmers market in San Diego accepts it, too. With more small-business owners discovering a way around transaction fees through Bitcoin, Hileman says, it has the chance to grow. He already sees it happening. That's why, Hileman says, "we are seeing a boom in Bitcoin's price in spite of the shutdown of Silk Road [a shadowy black market site].

For customers, he adds, the rise of Bitcoin could mean lower prices. Often farmers charge more on credit card purchases to cover their losses. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Have Bitcoin To Burn? The Salt There aren't many businesses accepting Bitcoin just yet, so what's bringing together the futuristic currency with the age-old profession of farming?

Some say credit card fees play a big role. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. November 12, Life On Bitcoin YouTube.