Bitcoin mining nvidia gtx 460 - Problemas con la billetera bytecoin

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Please note that Claymore mining software is third-party closed-source mining bitcoin gtx 280 drivers. It includes an additional Claymore developer fee and we cannot vouch for its integrity and credibility. Use it at your own risk. The discussion thread is here. Ethereum mining The algorithm for mining Ethereum is DaggerHashimoto.

Downloads You can download the DaggerHashimoto Ethereum mining software here: Download the latest 1. General help How to start bitcoin gtx 280 drivers a seller? What is happening with your computer when you are selling the hashing power?

What is hashing power and why would anyone buy it? Is my hardware supported? How bitcoin gtx 280 drivers check which graphics card GPU do I have? How much can you bitcoin gtx 280 drivers What is the service fee for sellers? What is the PPS reward system? How can you use earned Bitcoins? Why has your balance or profitability decreased? Why has the estimated payout date changed? Can you transfer funds from external wallet to internal wallet?

How to properly use and understand Profitability calculator Your wallet provider changed your BTC address. What can you do? Can you change your BTC address? Why did your mining balance drop to 0? Is it better to choose NiceHash wallet or an external wallet provider? Mining Which Stratum servers are available? How can you choose the optimal NiceHash stratum server? Where can you see your mining status?

Why are you getting rejected shares? Is it normal that the speed jumps up and down? What happens when there are no orders?

Which miners are supported? Can you mine only when the price is attractive enough? Why is your profitability online different than in NiceHash Miner? Is NiceHash Miner a virus? Will you lose your balance if you turn off or update NiceHash Miner or if you shut down or restart your PC?

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I have these old Nvidia graphics cards, namely a Geforce and a GT M sitting around doing nothing, and I wondered if I could put them to work mining Monero. In any case, below are the steps required to pull it off. Install the proprietary Nvidia graphics drivers and a handful of other packages with the following commands:. Clone the xmr-stak repository to your local machine and checkout the v2. You can clone it assuming you have git installed with:.

After running and entering your wallet address and pool information, quit the miner. Put this in your amd. I found that worksize of 4 and intensity 64 gave me best performance on these 1 GB cards. This fully occupies one CPU core as well, it should be noted.

Initially I had a problem where after the lock screen came up, I would try to log back in and Xorg would hang. I got around this by just disabling the lock screen. If you found this information helpful, consider dropping a tip my way at Monero address: Thanks I found a good deal on one of these and wanted to see if this would permit me to mine at a good rateā€¦. I saw somewhere that it would get H using minergateā€¦. THat must be wrong! Mail will not be published required. Brandon Foltz is helpful.

Home Blog Portfolio Links Contact. Mining Monero on Geforce Install the proprietary Nvidia graphics drivers and a handful of other packages with the following commands: You can clone it assuming you have git installed with: Posted in Programming Tags: February 16, at 4: March 6, at 5: Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Want to keep up with my latest projects?

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