For Litecoin (LTC), Judgement Day Is April 13th

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TV Audio issues improve after 12min or so. Charlie Lee if u r reading this post i believe its in ur best interest for The Litecoin Foundation to take over and buy out LitePay! Just do it Charlie!

Stop posting…Satoshi he,her,them do not. This year Tel will grow up in times! This is exact information! Buy them and don't miss the boat! Or use an airdrop in case of emergency http: Your selling is not a value to your community,you crushed them 1,5 10,15,20,30,50 75, percent. So I say bS to your trying to exclude yourself from a dow cEO who sells. People can publicly see that!!!! Telkoin is still distributed free of charge on http: Make the review-movie on Telkoin!

Yesterday I received coins from their airdrop of http: The biggest pyramid scheme ever is crashing down. There is no more greater fools. Get out while you can. Interviewer's bitcoin error log interviews charlie lee of the litecoin foundation needs to be a bit stronger, it seems to weaken off too much, its kind of too "gently" or something — I find it uncomfortable to listen too. Roger Ver is a complete ignorant twat with major issues.

Interviewer — don't be so timid, and project your voice more clearly — you are quite good but are clearly intimidated by your interviewees — don't be scared, you ARE doing a good job — be confident in yourself. You called out Roger Ver, arch-enemy of Bitcoin. Test your volume before you do a stream interview with a great developer like Charlie Lee.

It kills me I have to stop watching this because of technical audio errors not…. Boring…The interviewer is sooooo boring…Charlie Lee has a boring personnality as well…. I was very disappointed by Bitcoin Now I bitcoin error log interviews charlie lee of the litecoin foundation the only hope for Telegram — token. I bought tokens. Literally for a couple of days of an open pre-sale they snapped up almost all the tokens on https: Charlie has created a great coin and seems to always try to do the right thing in making decisions.

I bitcoin error log interviews charlie lee of the litecoin foundation he shouldn't of sold all his coins but it is his choice not ours. If you can't make a mistake you can't make anything. TV Audio issues improve after 12min or so Share this: Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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TV Audio issues improve after 12min or so. Choyna scammer even without education. Charlie Lee farts at It will go down in history as the "Fart that was heard around the world". And what is your knowledge about Telcoin? Accidentally I stumbled upon their airdrop http: Technology based chat with creator of Litecoin and you can't get your mic volume right?

You have 3k subscribers, Charlie takes time out of his busy day to talk to you… common, did porn cloud your technical and preparation abilities? Please you sold cause you knew what was coming and your smart. Conflict of interest my ass. Every other CEO owns shares of stock in their company.

It was an awful showing to your investors….. Very few have true use and offer future implementation. And yes the price of the coin should be based on it's success. LTC is way undervalue. What utility does that coin have when it's still researching it's own blockchain and is riding on the back of Ethereum? Litecoin transactions are super fast.

It has an amazing community and some gifted and dedicated developers. Thanks for the great interview! Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Home Bitcoin Bitcoin. Why are you typing away when someone is talking to you. Happy to see u back! Keep up the great job. Can't hear Charlie on my phone speakers after you adjusted volume..

Sound balance becomes acceptable just after 12 mins, stick with it. I gave up on the interview. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.