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Something wrong with this page? Introducing the Tidelift Subscription. Professional-quality security updates and maintenance for the open source projects you depend bitcoin core devstart. A curated list of awesome Shell frameworks, libraries and software.

GitHub bitcoin core devstart A curated list of awesome Shell frameworks, libraries and software. Takes aware the pain of shell bitcoin core devstart, making it robust and reusable. This shell script is provided as-is without warranty of any kind and is intended for educational purposes only. For users of Homebrew bitcoin core devstart brew for short currently only.

No need for alsa-utils. Everything you need to package is in Source Control in simple directories. No rpminfo cruft, no DEB makefile hell. A shell script to keep you distraction-free while you work. A tiny shell script. It can run from any host in the net, which means that it can be set on a backup server already existent. This script isn't perfect, but it's enough for me. Fishmarks is a clone of bashmarks for the Fish shell. Designed for Slack integrations on a Raspberry Pi.

It detects misconfigurations that could allow local unprivileged user to escalate to other users e. This is a collaborative rework of version 1. Specifically geared for Ubuntu This is not intended to be a complete and comprehensive solution, but a starting point for your custom server. Analyze hosts on generic security vulnerabilities. Wrapper around popular bitcoin core devstart like nmap portscannernikto webscanner and testssl.

Like ohai but just shell scripts. Or, live-coding remote function calls for the shell. Flexible backup paths and filename. A much safer replacement of bash rm with nearly full functionalities and options of the rm command! Safe-rm will act exactly the same as the origin rm command. Mac and any known updates without any user intervention.

Originally published on http: In sh, bash, zsh, ksh and fish. Options are available to log a specific entry under a type and project. All entries are stored in log. It will compress all png file include in given directory. It's only dependency is ncat or similar for the actual ssl connection. Modifying the shell script available on http: Perfect for the cloud. Written as a shell script standard bourne shell and runs on every unix server. No need for remote install. Just run the deploy.

Use it from Homematic, CCU, whatever! It's very straightforward and easy to extend, when you look at the source code. The goal is to get bitcoin core devstart server particularly for ruby web applications up and running quickly after deploying a fresh server.

Make env more comfortable. Used to power cvm and bitcoin core devstart. Also does a system check and install for necessary packages bitcoin core devstart Node and Twitter Bower. This bitcoin core devstart collected via work. You can call it a library. Just keep in mind that reusable bash code is hard, so it might not be that pretty to use.

It's focused on bash versions greater or equal to 4. The successor to http: Also inculdes also scripts for getting data from itunes. PDF Page Rotator; 3. PDF Metadata Editor; 4. PDF Document Downsizer; 5. A single shell script. S - Acid-humoured set of shell scripts, dotfiles, configurations and tweaks. The goal is to start with the ones that most ports depend on that aren't on some of the older processors, fix them and get more ports available to revitilize the older architectures. Use at own risk!

Wrappers for cscope, svn and kermit. PRs and contributions welcome. Uses a seed to reproduce random events injected after a crash, so rerunning the script after a crash will bitcoin core devstart the same events. It uses Port 80 by default. Works with bash and zsh, with git. Installable from the shell via a single command line. The first versions of cfg2html were written for HP-UX. It works only for Nexus 4 and the code is improved for ffluid execution.

The specific Phone no's with other information will be extracted bitcoin core devstart the larger file using the Phone bitcoin core devstart as the key. Illustrates the Power of Shell scripts, awk and grep. Repeats until valid input is received. Returns either 0 for a no response or 1 for bitcoin core devstart yes. Plain shell script, uses only lynx and wget among GNU core utils.

Lets begin with simple backup shell scripts and mail the backup to your email address. This repository houses the documentation and installation scripts. Merges and splits subtrees from your project into subprojects and back. Parsley consists of an powerful selector language wrapped with a JSON structure that can represent page-wide formatting. Just a bash script! The easiest way to get your hybrid development environment up and running.

A Vagrant install for Android, Cordova, and Ionic. It comes with Firefox and Libreoffice already installed! Bitcoin core devstart 1 Magento tool by WebShopApps! Works great on Macs and bitcoin core devstart platforms that don't natively support the Docker daemon. A shellscript wrapper for apt that speeds up downloading of packages. A Vagrantfile for provisioning a VirtualBox virtual machine is included as well.

Basically for those Polish folks, who scream "Git, kurwa! Run apps on top! Built on cool things like node-http-proxy and forever. Works on OSX and Linux. A bitcoin core devstart simple build script for bare metal arm toolchain. Custom bash scripts used to automate various pentesting tasks. Ansible playbook for configuring Nginx in Docker. Automatic restore when tmux is started. Automatic tmux start when computer is turned on.

Here for historical reasons. Suitable for desktop and servers. DNS leaks are impossible, and not even malware with root privileges can find out the user's real IP. Opens stuff like websites, files, executables. Great as a drop and go markup skeleton for Express apps. This is a git-based Portage tree based on the official Gentoo Linux tree.

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Peter was really open in this interview, , has no physical shape. Want to propose a No-Fork transaction to make bitcoin unspendable on any one chain after fork , decoding speed.

Potential names can be submitted on our official forum at CryptoCoinTalk on our main thread which can be found here: To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Litecoin, the Litecoin development team will be doing a reddit AMAask me anything.

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