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Demand has been so great that popular exchange Coinbase has been unable to keep up. Our engineering and support teams are working around the clock to restore the site to normal performance. The cause of all the kerfuffle appears to be Japanese retailers and investors, who are piling in after the government there announced in Bitcoin coinbase crash that Bitcoin is now legal tender.

Companies like no-frills Japanese airline Peach are now accepting Bitcoin to book flights and other businesses are following suit, in part to woo Chinese business.

Investors are also showing up in a big way, since Japanese interest rates are actually negative at the moment, meaning it costs money to save. Those planning for the future see Bitcoin as an alternative currency that's looking a lot more attractive than a traditional savings account. Adding to the currency's credibility is the fact that South Korea has announced that it also plans to make Bitcoin legal, spiking demand in that country. While the currency has lost a few hundred dollars in value during Friday trading, some are predicting the price will climb higher.

And there are also warnings that we might be seeing another Bitcoin bubble. We have bitcoin coinbase crash here before, after all. The bitcoin price has gone up and down like the Assyrian Empire, buoyed by optimism and crashed by hacking attacks and theftscausing a bitcoin coinbase crash in confidence.

It remains to be seen if we're in a bubble or not, but the currency's value trend is upward — albeit with a lot of ups bitcoin coinbase crash downs along the way. The Register - Independent news and views for the tech community. Part of Situation Publishing.

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Geek's Guide Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a giant alien space cigar? Whatever it is, boffins are baffled Galileo, here we go again. Just look at the state of AI today. Say hello to your new AI pal-bot, space station 'nauts Oracle, for one, bitcoin coinbase crash we'll welcome our new robot overlords: Verity Stob What a flap: Clangers creator dies aged 89 Foot lose: Idiot perv's shoe-mounted upskirt vid camera explodes. More from The Bitcoin coinbase crash.

Shatner's solar-powered Bitcoin gambit wouldn't bitcoin coinbase crash a deflector shield The dilithium crystals cannae take it, Captain. Samsung heir walks free after appeals court quashes bribery charges Lee Jae-yong to challenge remaining corruption allegations. Junk food meets junk money: Lloyds Bank bans Bitcoin purchases by credit card customers B-b-b.

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Every time there is a spike in prices for Bitcoin or Ether upwards or downwards , it seems like Coinbase freezes up. They still have not figured out how to deal with the volume of traffic! Coinbase freezing up is potentially costing you money! Before I explain how this costs you money, you have to understand the basics of market vs limit orders.

In a limit order your order will only go through if price hits your target. In a market order, it's going to go through. Coinbase allows only market orders on their website and app. For the most part prices don't move very fast. If you were to try to login to Coinbase and buy on the dip, goodluck with that!

As I mentioned, the dips are quick. The dip could even be just one seller selling a large amount. Sometimes I know I won't be able to monitor the price every hours. I've done that if it's family time or when traveling. If you are strictly looking to buy for long term, I would still suggest using the limit purchase option on GDAX instead of doing a market order on Coinbase.

It will save you money. This is really helpful to see where the buy and sell walls are at any given moment. The green blob on the left represents the buy orders, the red blob on the right represents the sell orders. This represents pressure to drive Ether price lower assuming no new buy or sell orders come in. This chart is a good way to see where the open orders are at any given time, especially during big moves in Ether price.

For more information, click here! Research is key and this is some great advice from financialcritic and an angle I hadn't considered. I encourage all my follower to also follow financialcritic. With ICO's, huge volatility in the overall and individual market caps, and FOMO playing a big part in driving up a lot of less than promising cryptos.

I believe we have a social responsibility to work together, and collaborate our research efforts to avoid another "dotcom bubble". What most people forget about this "bubble" is it wasn't really a "bubble" at all. This period in technological history bought us and continues to bring us some of the biggest companies we know today Apple, Google, the soon to be replaced Facebook, Go steemit!

There were a lot of shit "ideas" with poorly managed teams which cost a lot of uninformed investors a lot of money. We can prevent a "bubble" in all our investments by continued efforts to raise awareness of the "real world" application of blockchain technology and why, like steemit. I will be releasing an article in the coming days including an exclusive "Steemit.

David had an important meeting for the future of this promising ICO yesterday and I will be interviewing David today for the scoop exclusive to Steemit. I'm not sure how the meeting went, or even the finer details of the meeting's agenda. But I can tell you one thing. Follow me beachbuminvestor and you will be the first to know. I really hope we can work together to get ahead of the market. The whales are coming and we need to be well positioned together.

Always appreciated when one is willing to share ones experience. Am on Poloniex, Kraken, and Bittrex but. Kraken has 4 tier levels and it takes months to get through them. I would start now, much cheaper than GDAX!

I emailed Coinbase if they would support BIP and they have yet to respond. Does anybody recommend a solid phone app for buying altcoins? Poloniex unfortunately doesn't allow you to sign into your account on the seemingly unofficial mobile app.

Also refreshing point at the end regarding why you shared, too many people feel if it isn't a secret it must not be valuable. What you describe is simply an old trading strategy of anything with extreme short term volatility. That being said you have applied it really well and I wish you the best. I have found that GDAX is often offline when Coinbase is down because they share the same login page. How to profit from flash crashes and sharp spikes when Coinbase freezes.

How does this cost you money? You're watching the prices and see a sharp dip and think, Buy Buy Buy! You login to the website, it's frozen. You try the app, it gets hung up. Once the app or website recovers and lets you login, the price has magically recovered from the sudden and sharp dip. And let's suppose you are able to login during the sharp dip, the dips last a few seconds so the odds are very much against you. How to buy during that dip? The answer is GDAX. GDAX is the sister company to Coinbase.

And why would you want to go through that hassle of moving your money to GDAX? The default option is Market orders, so make sure you click on Limit Section B: This is where you would put in the price target per Ether that you want to buy or sell.

Even if you are buying 20 Ether, this is the price for 1 Ether. This is the current buy and sell orders on the market from other users. Red are the sell orders, green are the buy orders. You can set your target in Section B to whatever price you want and it will appear in this list.

This is the quantity in Ether for that particular price. You can go back and look at the flash crash from 3 weeks ago and see the sharp dips are about the same size. I do stay active and look at the price roughly every hours. If my buy orders goes through on a sharp dip I immediately put a sell order in at the pre dip price and wait for the dip to be over. Why don't I just hold onto the Ether? I have a pretty good Ether position in my portfolio already, so this is just some trading that is outside of my normal portfolio.

But you could certainly buy the sharp dip and just hold on for the longer term. Why am I sharing this? Sharing this information isn't going to reduce any profits for me on these dips. If the sharp crashes and spikes smooth out a little bit more, it would help me sleep better at night.

Hopefully, it'll help you sleep better at night too. In the mean time, you can make some money while the volatility lasts. Please upvote and follow me if you found this helpful! Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Everyone needs to read this! Well written but personally I prefer www. Less expensive and much better charts.

I haven't tried a USD deposit on Kraken yet, will give it a try. Thanks for the resteem! Part of why I got out of all bitcoin as well. I still use them for Ether though. Yeah, definitely not reinventing the wheel! Always happy to see new ways to work the system: Will register and try it out. So even if they go down, your order is active.