How to setup ASIC Block Erupter

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The proliferation of Bitcoin ASICs over the last several months have bitcoin block erupter usb asic miner on an incredibly rapid increase in the Bitcoin difficulty factor. In fact, purchasing one of these Bitcoin mining machines now is probably more likely to lose you money with some possible exceptions for next-generation pre-orders. At the time of this writing BTCGuild lists them for 0.

There are also a number of individuals selling Block Erupters on Amazon and Ebay for various bitcoin block erupter usb asic miner. Before it went down earlier this week, BitcoinTalk had quite a few merchants selling the hardware; it would likely be a good place to look if it comes back online.

The BitCanary website lists a price of. Not just any hub will do however. Some miners report buying cheap port hubs just to find that they can only run Block Erupters.

While it is more expensive than other hubs with the same number of ports, it works well and will likely be used with future USB miners. Consider for instance that the current price of a Block Erupter is 0. With the next estimated difficulty atthat would put you making around 0. Adding more Block Erupters would only magnify your losses. It is possible to imagine a scenario in which investing in current mining equipment could become profitable again.

For instance, if the bitcoin block erupter usb asic miner of mining hardware were to stay constant as measured in US Dollars or other fiat currenciesand the price of Bitcoin were to drastically increase, it is conceivable that investing in currently available mining hardware could yield a profit.

However, this is an unlikely scenario and you would still be better off now from a fiscal standpoint investing directly in Bitcoin rather than in hardware Bitcoin can be purchased directly through exchanges like Bitstamp or services such as Coinbase. Bitcoin mining may be entering a more professional era. Like many I had hoped that ASICs would be a bit of a leveler for Bitcoin mining, helping even the technological layman enter the field.

However, failures in development and shipping timelines from companies such as Butterfly Bitcoin block erupter usb asic miner seemed to have stunted the interest of many entry level miners. Today the Bitcoin mining industry favors larger, more powerful machines. If you need a primer on registering for a mining pool or the basics of mining, check out our article on GPU mining Bitcoin.

Mail will not be published required. Install any drivers needed for your particular USB hub, if any. In the target section you should see somthing like the following: Start your miner by double clicking on the shortcut that you created, you should now be hashing away. Conclusions Bitcoin mining may be entering a more professional era. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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