Why I'm Predicting a $650 Bitcoin in 2016

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His answer was a bit of a fudge, which perhaps bitcoin 2016 predictions horoscope the fact that in England was a dangerous place, with a civil war between King and Parliament raging. However Lilly was highlighting an approach to astrology.

You ask about something, that perhaps many people take for granted, and you want to know whether it will persist. In the case of Presbytery, it was a religious issue, and therefore came under the auspices of the Ninth House. Turning to Bitcoin, I own no Bitcoin, and I have no bitcoin 2016 predictions horoscope of owning any.

My searching of the web, and reading magazine articles, would suggest that the consensus opinion is that Bitcoin is here to stay. Indeed there are many people saying that one should continue to put money into Bitcoin, in spite of its high price. Will Bitcoin remain as a serious financial product? Or is it something transitory? I was not asking, by the way, about crypto-currencies in general, for example Ethereum. My question was only about Bitcoin.

And I was not asking about whether its price would go up or down — I was asking whether it would stand, as a long-term store of value, rather than as a fad. I set up a horoscope for the moment I asked myself the question, which was at 6. I briefly considered how I was going to deal with the question, and clearly it is a Second House matter — the Second House being connected with money.

The first question I had to ask was whether the chart could be judged. Cancer was rising, Venus was the ruler of the planetary hour, and the two are in accord with each other, being cold and moist. This suggested that I could go ahead with the bitcoin 2016 predictions horoscope.

The Moon is ruler of the Ascendant, and she is not in great condition, being in Capricorn the sign of its detriment in the Seventh House. The question is about enemies and opponents. This suggests to me that Bitcoin has got a little further to run, especially as Jupiter is ruler of the Tenth House, of price.

I say price because in property questions, the Tenth House can give indications about whether a house is expensive or not. The fact that Neptune, the planet of delusion, is conjunct the Tenth House cusp gives added information. The public image of Bitcoin is shrouded in a mist of delusion, and there are probably unreal expectations about its price potential. Going back to bitcoin 2016 predictions horoscope Moon in the Seventh House, this may tell us that one issue that Bitcoin has is competition from other crypto-currencies, for example Etherium.

I suppose the placement in Gemini has connotations with change and volatility, while the Twelfth House is about something hidden and devious. Whatever is going on with Bitcoin, very few of us have the full picture. And quite possibly there are dark forces at work. The sun is approaching an opposition with Saturn in the Sixth House. My feeling bitcoin 2016 predictions horoscope that Saturn will end the deal, and that Bitcoin bitcoin 2016 predictions horoscope not stand. As for timing, it is difficult to be precise.

It could be four days away, four weeks, four months or four years. My hunch is four months, which would take us to Octoberbut four years would take us to In six or seven years time, at the latest, I suspect people will be asking bitcoin 2016 predictions horoscope other if they still remember the Bitcoin craze.

Also, I am giving an opinion, and I may be wrong, and Bitcoin future may be long and rosy. But personally, I doubt it. Willem, Thanks for the comment, and well done on more than doubling your money. I think you are right about the impact of competition.

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