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BUIPs in the voting system are simple files, such as bitcoin 081 beta. Uploads are currently limited to an appropriate size of 1MB. Any member can upload any number of BUIPs though should confer with the BU secretary for appropriate numbering and naming of his or her proposal, this is currently out-of-scope for the voting system.

For security reasons, a freshly uploaded proposal is in state 'unpublished' first, and therefore not accessible to the general public. A BU member with the vote master can subsequently publish a proposal, making it world readable. In a further step, the vote master can then open the proposal for voting, allowing all current, eligible members to cast their vote on the proposal. Casting a vote here or in a member election automatically implies that the voting member is active as per the BU articles.

Closing the vote on a proposal by the vote master bitcoin 081 beta it final and prevents further ballots being cast on that proposal. The voting system only covers proposals that are tracked by the system.

BUIPs not within this system are available here. In case proposals are open for voting, a member can cast votes on all open proposals at once here. A current member can cast ballots on all new members at once here. The vote master can bitcoin 081 beta the current member elections here. For special cases, it can be of value to interact with the voting system in an arbitrary way.

A form is available that helps with doing so. Please also use the Github issue tracking system available under "Issues" for any complaints, feature bitcoin 081 beta, bug reports etc. If an election or vote is open, BU members can cast votes on bitcoin 081 beta and member elections here. All voting here happens with Bitcoin signed messages, using the member-supplied voting keys. Current members The members currently eligible to vote here are listed on the current member list.

Proposals This is the list of currently published proposals:

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