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Without hesitation, Warner made Celebration available the single on digital stores iTunes and Amazon. It seems they are not leaving any country out and you can easily find the single on your local iTunes. Since this is a very peculiar release date for a single, please keep in mind that this will cause a very low chart debut in most countries, where release dates normally are in the beginning of the week.

Many radio stations moved up the premiere date of Monday and are already spinning this summer track! This meeting will take place next week, at a time to be agreed.

As a result, we will not be exchanging tickets from tomorrow as planned, but we hope to be able to do so after the meeting. It is absolutely sure that the show will take place. We are all looking forward to an amazing Madonna concert in Budapest on August 22nd. It describes her spiritual awakening upon discovering Jewish mysticism, called Kabbalah, after which, she writes, "all the puzzle pieces started falling into place. But she also has ties to Israel and Judaism through her involvement with the Los Angeles-based Kabbalah Center, whose new-age version of Judaism's ancient mystic tradition has become popular among members of Hollywood's A-list.

The year-old pop icon has taken the Hebrew name Esther and came to Israel on private pilgrimages in and along with other Kabbalah devotees. In the article, Madonna, who was raised Roman Catholic, describes hearing about Kabbalah for the first time at a dinner party in Los Angeles while pregnant with her daughter Lourdes, who is now She had recently completed a star turn in the movie Evitashe writes, but "still felt like something was missing in my life.

Many mainstream Jewish scholars see the Center's self-help teachings, its sale of Kabbalah-themed merchandise and its embrace by non-Jewish pop stars as a perversion of Judaism's ancient and secretive mystic tradition. Some rabbis were particularly incensed by Madonna's song, Isaacabout the revered 16th-century Kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria, which featured on her album, Confessions on a Dance Floor.

Jewish tradition has long held that Kabbalah is so complicated and so easily misunderstood that students may only begin to approach it with a strong background in Jewish law and only after age The discipline's elements include the study of mystical texts, prayer and meditation in an attempt to draw closer to the divine.

The benny benassi back to the pump snippet bit appears to have had no effect on Madonna's popularity among Israelis. Originally scheduled to give one concert in Tel Aviv, Madonna added a second after the first show quickly sold out. Madonna's last concert in Israel was induring her Girlie Show tour. AP 31 July - Celebration review: The latter won't be released until the end of September, but for now, fans can sample a club-ready song from the effort, one that feels and sounds like an effective reboot of Madonna's late '80s hits.

The title track was co-produced by Madonna and electronic artist and long-time Madonna pal remixer Paul Oakenfold. The cut pretty much delivers what the title implies. It's slightly less Euro than latter-day Madonna dance-cuts such as Hung Upand a little less obsessed with tapping the producer-of-the-moment-styles of Hard Candy.

The end result is a song that falls somewhere in between, focusing on highly energetic synth-pop groove, yet isn't as inventive as either of the referenced works. As a throwaway, midsummer dance pop number, it works. It's definitely a cut that nods to Madonna's '80s disco roots, and would fit comfortably on a hits collection packed between Vogue and Ray of Light.

A speak-sing bridge gives the song a little bit of an edge, and allows Madonna to flex some personality -- goofing that she doesn't recognize her dance partner without clothes on. Celebration feels as if it has modest goals, at least by Madonna's standards.

Even when it gets a bit risque see above paragraphsilliness rules the day. She invites us "to the dance of life," and coasts benny benassi back to the pump snippet bit the chorus.

Celebration the greatest-hits album will close the book on Madonna's Warner Bros. But rather than instill a sense of nostalgia, everything feels a bit obligatory. The sound of an artist, hopefully, ready for the next chapter. LA Times 31 July - Celebration review: Ciccione is still pleading with the masses to shake their groove things with Celebrationthe title track from her forthcoming greatest hits compilation that hit the Internet today.

Celebration is unapologetically dance-y, which means two things: I'm sitting here at my desk typing faster than usual and throwing in the occasional shoulder shimmy fun! And secondly, the track is unlikely to make much headway at disco-phobic U. No matter, Madge loyalists will be inevitably downloading this benny benassi back to the pump snippet bit and benny benassi back to the pump snippet bit it on repeat in their cars, on the treadmill, even in their minds as they're sleeping. And the usual haters will take one listen or not and declare that Madonna is, as Lexi Featherston so memorably labeled New York City in an episode of Sex and the City, "Over: Get on the floor!

Now, she's issuing "an invitation to the dance of life," and it feels a little like she might just as well be doing it via Evite. What do you think of Madonna's new single?

Will this one be making its way to your iPod? And any chance it'll be a radio hit? EW blog 30 July - Celebration co-writer revealed A musician from Castledawson has told of his pride after a track he co-wrote and arranged was chosen by Madonna as her next single. Ciaran Gribbin - who performs under the benny benassi back to the pump snippet bit Joe Echo - will have cause for 'celebration' next week when the world's most famous female artist benny benassi back to the pump snippet bit her latest single, taken from benny benassi back to the pump snippet bit new album.

The track, Celebrationis the first single to be taken from her new Greatest Hits album of the same name. It is expected to go to number one, as is the album, which is due for release on September And appearing on the credits — and raking in an expected fortune in royalties - will be year-old Ciaran, who co-wrote the backing tracks along with Ian Green and Paul Oakenfold. Speaking from his home on the outskirts of Castledawson, he explained how the collaboration came about.

The album will be her last one for Warner Brothers, as she has recently parted company with them to work with Live Nation. Ciaran said he was thrilled she had liked the track and was confident it would go to number one.

After all, it's Madonna. Ciaran is also hopeful that Madonna may release his other track, Brokenas a single, when she releases new material with Live Nation. He said the collaboration on Celebration would help "pay the rent for the next few years". Records, so Madonna decided to call her upcoming greatest-hits collection Celebration. However, the party got started a little early. That's because on Wednesday night, the title track from that greatest-hits comp leaked to file-sharing sites across the Benny benassi back to the pump snippet bit.

At press time, MTV News' attempts to reach Madonna's spokesperson for comment on the leak were unsuccessful. The song was scheduled to hit radio on August 3. According to a Warner Bros. Celebration will include hits from Madonna's entire Warner Bros.

The album will be released in a variety of formats, including a single disc, a deluxe two-CD set, and as a [double] DVD, which will feature some of Madonna's best-known videos, including some never before available on DVD. It's one of her most straight-up dance songs ever, a definite summer hit in Europe. While the official radio premiere is on Monday, August 3rd, today radio stations are already doing early premieres, so keep your ears sharpened!

According to Warner Music Belgium, the music video, directed by Jonas Akerlund, benny benassi back to the pump snippet bit be ready by August 17th and would get its premiere as soon as possible. The official single cover also premiered, showing a collage of photos from Madonna's club photoshoot in Rio De Janeiro from Decembershot by Steven Klein.

You can find the lyrics of the new song herewhich reference many classic Madonna songs. In related news, the Warner Music Netherlands press release confirms that the Celebration greatest hits DVD is going to be a double disc! If Madonna's show is held at the Puskas stadium, two years of work of the national soccer team could be ruined, Istvan Kisteleki of the Hungarian soccer association told the Hungarian news agency MTI.

The Hungarian national team is scheduled to play two major world cup qualification matches early in September and it would take more than 30 days to repair the turf on Budapest's Ferenc Puskas stadium after Madonna's concert Aug. Hungary is to play Sweden Sept. Lajos Vajto, the director of Budapest's Kincsem Park, the site for horse tracks, said the Madonna concert could be held on his facility if the Puskas soccer stadium refuses to stage the show. The page includes a supposed single cover, that only features the title of the song, without Madonna on the picture.

Celebration is going to premiere on radio on Monday, August 3rd and is expected to be benny benassi back to the pump snippet bit as a digital download everywhere on August 4th. Just click here to pre-order your copy from Amazon.

Click here to pre-order. All tickets remain valid in the new venue! The allocation for the BRONZE ticket owners will be on the grandstands, therefore closer to the stage and with a much better view.

The VIP ticket service remains exactly the same. The ticket-holders will receive a personal note about their exact seating location and parking place directly to their mailboxes. All other seated ticket holders — as originally planned at Kincsem Park — will be on the tribunes facing the stage. With the change of venue to the Puskas Ferenc Stadium tickets additional tickets are now available in the Ticketpro network, including new seated tickets.

The new seated tickets can be purchased in all TicketPro outlets from July 31st. For more info and maps, please visit www.

One day later, on August 4th, the benny benassi back to the pump snippet bit will already be on sale as a download. There's no release date known for the physical single yet for The Netherlands. For this album, a huge marketing campaign will be launched. Fansite MadonnaTribe reveals the people who remixed Madonna's new single Celebration: They also confirm the rumour that Madonna's daughter Lourdes is going to feature in the music video.

Additionally, they say Warner is happy with the positive benny benassi back to the pump snippet bit surrounding this single that they are already planning to release a second single from the album, which would be Revolver of course, in September already! We speculate that Warner must have realized the biggest exposure it could get is the album release week, and that its video would most likely be the Marilyn Minter collaboration that was reported in the media last week.

In related benny benassi back to the pump snippet bit, Madonna's official Myspace page now shows a banner dedicated to the upcoming compilation part of the albumcover. Sharp-eyed fans can spot several different lyric-snippets on it, namely: We think these are hints to the tracklist, which, by the way, is supposedly still not finalized, contrary to several rumours around the Internet.

The songs on Celebration have all been remastered and selected by Madonna and her fans.

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One would expect a lurid title like Strip Nude for Your Killer to deliver a string of non-stop sleazy action. The director actually ends the film with the sleuth photographers rejoicing in bed — until Carlo threatens to sodomize Magda. Dubbing also seems to do its finest butcher job here, adding further unintentional hilarity to scenes. Apart from the frank, wink-worthy sexuality, the eerily-lit opening of an uncomfortable abortion-turned-murder scene vaguely reminiscent of the phantasmagorical nightmare flashbacks in All the Colors of the Dark — which for the first few seconds jarringly plays out like some kind of erotic hallucination — weaves a small and curious thread of thorny subtext.

The two meet in an ouroboros of darkly comedic bookends, ripped inside out. Awesome neighborhood porch kitty I walk by lots. A wicked whodunit set in a fashion house, superficial glamour veils the tawdry dissolution of its inhabitants.

Note that the others with wicker forms look more like corporeal cages than human twins. The story that follows cements the notion of women as murderous props; ciphers of attraction and repulsion on which the narrative lingers, but can always afford to discard. Thematically, the death and puppetry of the feminine self, the sexualized edge of fear, impenetrable appearances, and a bevy of romantic delusions potently recall Vertigo. Blood and Black Lace is a masterful blend of grandiose artistic perfection and thrilling intensity.

The good people of Rewind This! They were relentless cut-and-paste jobs that combined scenes from unrelated films into a dense fabric of digressions, flashbacks, minor-character subplots that go on at baffling length and — of course — demonstrations of pole-spinning, star-hurling prowess. They are head-scratching meta-constructions of the Global Mind circa and we love them. Visit yonder donation page to spread the wealth.

Dusan Jaukovic photographed the latest collection for Morfium — a mythologically-minded couture label blending high fashion, cutting-edge design, and art concepts. These are total goddess material. Horror Porn Parodies from Hell: What Have They Done to Giallo?

Cicada tucked inside plastic, amber medical container found inside an abandoned hospital in Philadelphia. My Miami pics suffered from inebriated shaky syndrome — and shaky pools and beaches are kind of boring sorry for failing you.

Just avoid this grade-Z atrocity at all costs. Audiences seem alternately enamored of its charms, or emphatically appalled. Sledgehammer is available on DVD. An acting student is accepted into a mysterious school known for their unorthodox methods. Shock Till You Drop ]. The installation will present inanimate objects in a state of flux, or animation, signifying the temporary states that material can assume. Acclaimed environmental fashion designer and runway producer Alexandre de Betak, founder of Bureau Betak and a longtime collaborator of the Mulleavys, will contribute a dynamic exhibition design, including kinetic displays, dramatic lighting, and other theatrical elements.

Associate Curator, Rebecca Morse: Their inherent narrative qualities will be revealed. Other idiosyncratic influences include local landscapes, Japanese horror films, Boris Karloff as Frankenstein, and the work of Gordon Matta Clark. You can learn more about the film and watch the nine-minute video over here. Dev was kind enough to speak with me a little bit more about his process, what draws him to explore the dark side of these fabled fantasies, and his thoughts on the horror genre.

I trained as an actor but always had the intention to write and direct, to evoke a story through a canvass, albeit film or theatre.

Drama Centre enriched me with the knowledge of how to approach a text, play or film script, and how to dissect it through character analysis, through a performance perspective. This was vital in my development as a director and possibly the best form of training ever. I used my own initiative of just making short films as the development of my technical abilities for shooting film.

Who are your favorite directors, or what are your favorite films? What upcoming films are you looking most forward to? Your work is loaded with gorgeous, ethereal images. Tell us a bit about your process, what you use to shoot with, and what your inspirations are.

Having trained primarily in theatre I initially found that vast difference in the transition from play writing to script writing as theatre depends vastly on the exploration of text through character. Cinema is more about silent moments and watching the characters through them. So when it came to initially making the short films I choose to strictly tell the stories through silent cinema, to evoke a story through silent images with music and sound acting as a subconscious narrative of sorts.

Fairy tale based stories have an organic quality about them and so does the film format as opposed to the perfect, crisp quality of digital.

I grew up on comic books and graphic novels so all my work contains a highly detailed artistic foundation. When approaching Red Kingdom Rising there were many graphic novels and art forms I turned to and indeed the Tenniel illustrations were inspirational.

The irony is that if you distil those three down to their true essence you have coming of age stories — the path and destiny of the hero. This lies in the core of the fairy tale. Fairy tales have always evoked a sense of truth of who we are and how we journey through our own psychosis and development in life. The analytical works of Joseph Campbell and Bruno Bettelheim firmly illustrate that. It tells the coming of age journey of a woman coming to terms with her past through this dark journey in her wonderland.

Do you work in the short film format to intentionally match the stories, or is it just a preferred way of working?

Do you have any plans for a feature length film in the future? My short films were mainly built to develop my technical abilities in how to aesthetically tell fairy tale stories in an entertaining way, but yes, they do match the structure and short time frame format of the generic fairy tale.

I wanted to fully explore the protagonist Mary Ann, along with her fears and her eventual epic sense of closure. I would be grateful to have the opportunity to continue with the feature length format and I do indeed have another story to tell. For you, what makes a horror film truly effective? The reason Red Kingdom Rising falls within the horror genre is entirely due to its story — I wanted to fully immerse the audience into a sincerely horrific experience. And what is truly horrific is always something factual, like the untold horrible things people can do to one another, such as the parental betrayal in child abuse.

Mary Ann in Red Kingdom Rising is an adult survivor of child abuse and she has to relive those memories in order to let go of her guilt. I could have chosen to tell the story like a fly on the wall type of film where we watch it all unfold in a real time sense, or in a way like the film Precious. Psychological and emotional truth in turmoil always makes a horror film effective which is seen brilliantly in The Exorcist and The Shining. Horror films have kind of lost that touch and fallen too prone to genre based storytelling.

Official website coming soon. You can study it. I remember somebody reciting a Dylan Thomas poem to me and it was something like: Food is the most nurturing thing in the world, so why do we have to connect being sanitary when we have such a beautiful, artistic thing like food? I had it for a very short time when I was a kid, and I really liked it. I remember there was a little soda fountain place in New York, and he was always playing Fats Domino, and these songs on the jukebox that were so comforting.

They were part of the era. She speaks out during a public execution and is accused of witchcraft by the Grand Inquisitor himself. The actor spends 97 minutes mostly shrouded in dark robes. His slender hands wave hypnotically through the air, as though he were conducting some kind of silent, demonic orchestra.

This was a role that the dedicated actor was unable to shake for a long time, and the book delves into several fascinating details of the production. The Oliver Reed story is aces — he plays an alcoholic Cardinal in the film.

Henriksen fans will be able to appreciate the actor playing a different kind of baddie — one who pierces our hearts with his glowering stare, not bullets. The word vampire is never mentioned, and there are no capes, fangs, or other theatrics — though its killers luxuriate in the spectacle of their bloodshed see: Here, the undead are like junkies out for a fix.

She tries to resist his advances mostly , but eventually sinks her teeth into his neck. The two become star-crossed lovers as Caleb refuses to make a kill and appease the leader of the pack, Jesse Lance Henriksen. Henriksen and Paxton had just come off the commercial success of Aliens — joined by fellow co-star Jenette Goldstein — and their energy is magnetic.

Before Twilight ushered in an era of foppish, undead teenage love stories, Near Dark was the wild, older sibling whose make out sessions in the cabs of trucks were covered in beer, ash, and blood. Near Dark is available on Blu-ray. The film is everything you imagine it would be. Woo flashes his signature slow-mos, and over-the top violence — though, they did cut the hell out of this film, so find the unreleased, minutes longer version if you can.

Fouchon runs a racket aimed at the bored, millionaire jet set. The thrill-seekers pay a pretty penny to literally hunt humans for sport, and kill them. His scene with a rattlesnake is not to be missed.

The action hero also appears to be able to telepathically communicate with pigeons. Good whiskey make jackrabbit slap de bear! The actor has never shied away from a challenge — including being set on fire for the film … twice. For those of you who have subscribed to the urban legend that this scene was an accident, check out the below video of a behind-the-scenes peek at the moment in question.

Still, Woo creates a palpably gritty atmosphere with fast-paced, bone-crunching action that is a veritable playground for a fiend like Fouchon. Hard Target is available on DVD. Check out other entries in the Lance Henriksen Blogathon over here.

Everyone was invited to contribute their thoughts on the actor, which Muir will be posting on his blog throughout the week. Almost a year and a half ago, I had the opportunity to speak with Lance for the first time about his career. I was writing for a horror blog called Screamstress at the time — one of my first writing jobs, actually — and saying that I was nervous and excited is a serious understatement.