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Stanford's new lab course on building Bitcoin-enabled applications. Learn how to rewire internet services on the basis of Bitcoin. Prior background in Python within a Unix environment is recommended, but no previous Bitcoin knowledge is necessary. The first two weeks of the course will provide a fast-paced introduction to Bitcoin and Bitcoin-enabled computing.

In subsequent weeks, you will build Bitcoin-powered versions of several popular Internet services, previewing a future where services are paid for not by ads or monthly fees but by per-use micropayments. In other weeks, we will provide you with stub code illustrating the basic mechanics of a Bitcoin-powered Internet service. You, as an individual or as part of a small group, will have a week to get the stub code running, add your own improvements, and test it with your peers in an online marketplace.

Grading will be based entirely on class participation. There is no final examination. The best student projects each week will balaji srinivasan bitcoin mineral written up in Bitcoin Magazine. Familiarity with basic programming at the level of Stanford's CSB is required, particularly in Python.

Students who have previously taken the Autumn versions of CS and CSP will have more context, but this course is primarily new material. Introduction to basic Bitcoin concepts such as transactions, digital signatures, the blockchain, and mining. Introduction to Bitcoin Computing. Introduction to Bitcoin micropayments. Learn how to transparently add micropayments to any web service using payment gateways that implement the HTTP error code.

Gain experience by running and then modifying several demo apps. A free week for your creativity. Extend any of the micropayments demos that you've worked with over the previous week to add new functionality, or build a new one entirely. Develop an app that allows you to set a price on your Instagram photos and build a machine-payable stock balaji srinivasan bitcoin mineral search engine. Develop an app that allows you to accept micropayments for making retweets.

Develop an app that lets you monetize your blog by charging a small micropayment for each page view. Extend any of the code that you've worked with over the previous weeks to add new functionality, or build a new demo entirely.

Develop a command line program that outsources balaji srinivasan bitcoin mineral of its code to the cloud, charging micropayments for each use. Develop a simple balaji srinivasan bitcoin mineral search engine funded not by ad views but by micropayments, turning the primary customer into the user rather than the advertiser.

Srinivasan is the co-founder and CEO of Funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Peter Thiel, Khosla Ventures, Qualcomm, and Cisco, 21 has developed a full stack set balaji srinivasan bitcoin mineral technologies for practical Bitcoin micropayments. Srinivasan is also a Board Partner at Andreessen Horowitza board member of the Balaji srinivasan bitcoin mineral Centerthe co-founder of Teleportand the co-founder of Counsyl. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Dr. Srinivasan taught data mining, statistics, and computational biology in the Department of Statistics at Stanford University.

Home Syllabus Balaji srinivasan bitcoin mineral Enroll on Axess. Sign up here if interested. Location Thornton Thornton Lab: Github AccessSelf Test 3 User-monetizable data: Balaji srinivasan bitcoin mineral see you in class!

He is a well-known researcher in the areas of applied cryptography and computer security. Boneh is one of the principal contributors to the development balaji srinivasan bitcoin mineral pairing-based cryptography.

Some of his notable achievements include: Introduction to Bitcoin ComputingSelf Test 2. Github AccessSelf Test 3. Bitcoin LinuxSelf Test 4. Bitcoin GoogleFeedback and Final Hackathon. Create a simple search engine that accepts micropayments in lieu of displaying ads.

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