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Here you can find the most recent version of Musink available. If you already have Musink on your computer and you wish to update it, click here for instructions. For example, Musink Pro version 1. Licenses are eternal; they do not ever expire. Download Musink Here you can find the most recent version of Musink available. Musink Lite for Windows Version 1. Musink Pro for Windows Version 1. It's as simple as pointing and automatic music composition software free download full version.

Musink is easy to use, and used by hundreds of educators worldwide. Musink's revolutionary new interface lets you write notes at break-neck speed.

Musink lays your score out for you as you add, delete, and drag notes. Write a series of exercises, group together automatic music composition software free download full version ideas, or publish a book chapter containing 10 songs. Musink regularly backs your score up. You know, just in case. From crescendos to octave clefs, fermatas to accents, Musink supports a wide variety of markings.

Write text directly into your piece, and automatic music composition software free download full version bars automatically in a way that you see fit. Creating a cross-stick-to-cymbal-bell three-stroke ruff? Musink was written with drummers in mind, and contains the ultimate tools for creating percussive music quickly. Musink will play your score back through any MIDI device.

You can even hook up virtual instruments using free 3rd party software. A great tool for practicing with accompaniments. Write a short beat or tune, loop it, and export it as a long MIDI file. Great for practicing or as a base for 'electronic' compositions. Place your mouse where you'd like a note, and hit a key. Continue pressing keys to enter a series of notes. Nail those tricky triplets with advanced quantisation.

Musink Pro plays tones as you add and drag notes to provide instant insight into your composition. Musink Pro provides an optional playback metronome to help you dissect complex rhythms and hold time while recording. Musink Lite supports a variety of MIDI commands that can be easily written into your scores, such as tempo and velocity. Musink Pro adds to these, including transposition, voice-mute, and channel-volume functionality.

Musink ships with a variety of templates page layouts that let you publish your score for many styles and page sizes. Musink Pro sports a full featured template page layout editor. Create and edit templates that meet your exact publication specifications, or tweak templates that ship with Musink. Musink Pro lets you export templates you have created to share with colleagues. Write for several musicians on the same stave, or split a drum piece over several voices that merge during publishing.

Musink Pro offers more advanced publishing options, allowing you to get more out of your templates. Musink Lite is free to download. Musink Pro is priced to be affordable to all.

Basics Foundation features that make Musink great. Import templates sent to you by other Musink users.

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Ludwig is a music software for Windows that helps you to write your own songs. You simply enter or play a melody. Ludwig does the rest: It was never easier to compose, arrange or accompany songs! Ludwigs artificial intelligence approach is innovative and unique: The parts are written note by note, like a human would do. This achieves an unrivaled musical quality. Ludwig is easy to use. It takes a few clicks to get a full arrangement from a broad variety of styles.

And if you don't want to enter your own melodies: Just load them from the included database of public domain songs. First clicks with Ludwig: Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how amazing your software is. The price tag is also incredible for the quality of the software, the algorithms used to generate the music are miles ahead of your competitors.

I am really delighted about this program. It is an immense help in working with my church and my children choirs. Especially the Big Band arrangements are remarkable. This highly unusual program is great fun, again and again. After all those years, I finally arranged my compositions with Ludwig. It is unbelievable how great they sound now! Ludwig is the strongest piece of software that I have seen in a long time. This program is addictive.

This program really is 'way cool' Statement of my sons Rainer R. I am excited about this software. It helps me to learn reading music and to start playing the Bass. This software is super, it is easy to understand and use. My wife now even writes and arranges "songs by request" for her pupils.