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From Jan 11th To Jan 11th There is plenty of buzz around this topic but what type of project is blockchain suitable for? How does one get from an idea to a demo-able product? This series addresses these questions with insight from leading experts in this fast-changing space, culminating in the chance to pitch at the annual MIT AI conference held in April Unlike some of our larger events where over people were in attendance, we are capping registration to facilitate building projects and meaningful interaction.

Subscription includes on-demand video courses, Code Challenge Engine, support forums, webinars, progress reporting, help with job placement, personal success team, and more. Direction to other resources for learning about blockchain and how to program for blockchain.

Slack community and support. Access to bonus webinars with experts not located in the SF Bay. In a decentralized world, we realize not everyone has the capability to attend in-person sessions in San Francisco.

Therefore, we offer a video only option with access to post-production session recordings. Participants selecting this option are not eligible for email support, pitch competition, or Certificate of Completion. However, participants will be invited to participate in any bonus webinars and the Slack community. This series is for individuals interested in taking an idea and building a blockchain project.

While blockchain programming applied blockchain contact number is not assumed or necessary, we do assume a level of technical expertise such that a demo product can be built if provided direction to self-learning resources this is not a learn how to applied blockchain contact number blockchain course. You do applied blockchain contact number have to be an engineer if you would like to team up with participants who are engineers.

The guidance provided is from experts in the space regarding various aspects that need to be considered when launching a blockchain project. Since blockchain is evolving so rapidly, this often means lively debate and commentary versus a playbook-to-ICO instruction manual. In this session, you will learn how blockchain investors evaluate projects, and what blockchain founders believe are the most important factors to consider.

In this session, you will learn: What factors do investors consider when evaluating blockchain projects? How to value tokens? How to approach crypto-economics? Immediate liquidity — how important is it to be listed on crypto exchanges post-ICO? What is a good target applied blockchain contact number for a raise? Use of proceeds — how much to hold back, how much to pay the team, use of milestones, converting crypto to fiat From founders who have done it and are doing it — lessons learned, most important things to keep in mind during the journey and before you start Strategies to raise money including VC, angel, ICO, or a combination What kinds of projects are suitable for blockchain?

How to build something useful? Does my project need a token? As chief Evangelist for the Java Language and Platform he participated in the first wave of the Internet, and is now fully engaged in the crypto-fueled Internet of value.

After years spent developing underlying technology as a lead engineer at Microsoft and Zynga for projects ranging from Azure and Clusters to Farmville, he went on to found 3 highly successful companies with world-class teams.

A chance meeting with applied blockchain contact number angel Gil Penchina at a non-profit event lead the two to found Pryze. Peter Franklin is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for game theory. He is the author of several prominent open source toolkits that are well-regarded by the DevOps community and applied blockchain contact number over 25M times.

Greg has been ranked amongst top 20 programmers worldwide on several occasions for his contributions to widely-adopted projects like Ubuntu and Kubernetes. He is also an angel in over 50 companies, and was previously Lead Software Architect for Blockfolio, a leading mobile app for cryptocurrency.

She started trading and investing in cryptocurrencies in and has previous experience in financial markets, business development, and statistics. Adam is a 2x entrepreneur and a 4th generation venture capitalist.

He also has a very large comic book collection. After settling millions of dollars in private security transactions and becoming a registered broker dealer, he left Xpert Financial in late and began angel investing, where he backed such startups as Coinbase, Plangrid and Amplitude. Adam then partnered up with Brayton Williams and to change the face of global startup mentorship. China famously banned ICOs and then crypto exchanges themselves. The SEC has released the broad guidance that certain tokens will be considered securities.

Lawmakers throughout the world are scrambling to understand blockchain and implement effective regulation. Meanwhile, where does that leave the blockchain entrepreneur? Join us in a conversation with lawyers in the blockchain space. The first half of session will discuss the latest developments in the legal aspects of blockchain projects, and how that might effect you as a founder.

What are important legal implications to consider? How much does jurisdiction matter? Accredited applied blockchain contact number only or different Reg options in the US Use of foundations structure, like in Tezos What you cannot say in marketing materials if you want to be a utility token Steps to safeguard against a security designation if you want to be a utility token The option of conservatism applied blockchain contact number deciding to treat applied blockchain contact number token as a security Howey Test Precedent, like the DAO The second half of the session will allow participants to pitch their ideas and get feedback from the rest of the group, as well as recruit others to join their team.

Panelists Experts are being confirmed but likely to include counsel from the blockchain practice of a major Silicon Valley law firm, in-house counsel at a major blockchain firm, and counsel in the start-up space with knowledge of blockchain. Please check back for updates. Nancy is a frequent speaker on corporate governance, securities law and token offering topics. In applied blockchain contact number, for the last 15 years, she has been a speaker on various corporate governance subjects at Stanford Directors' College.

As it becomes more popular, scalability is a big hurdle that is being attacked in various ways. Given the potentially large amounts of money at applied blockchain contact number, security and testing are of the utmost importance.

First product is Catalyst, a platform for data-driven cryptoasset investing and research. Now comes time to market the project and develop the right partnerships. How is blockchain marketing applied blockchain contact number and different to more traditional start-up marketing? How do you identify and recruit advisors and members to your team? Overall marketing and business development strategies How to market your project — similarities and differences to traditional startup marketing Timing for an ICO Marketing materials applied blockchain contact number ICO website, pitch deck, whitepapers Common ICO messaging platforms — Slack, Telegram Venues for promotion — ICO applied blockchain contact number websites, blogging as a thought leadership tool Finding advisors Building and recruiting a team Working with consultants, agencies, and advisors The second half of the session will be pitches and applied blockchain contact number.

Participants vote which projects are selected to pitch at the MIT Conference. Winners then have 2 weeks to get demo ready. Panelists Experts are being confirmed but likely to include CMOs and marketing professionals of blockchain projects, strategic development and business development professionals, and contract whitepaper authors.

Her focus is on identifying, researching, and developing new market opportunities. After becoming passionate abou Bitcoin technology and digital currency inshe moved across the country to join Coinbase.

Since then, she has brokered partnerships and managed integrations with major financial institutions such as USAA, Braintree, and Fidelity. Participation is not required to earn the Certificate applied blockchain contact number Completion.

Blockchain for social impact Feel free to suggest ideas in the Slack! Blockchain for Social Impact: Anne Connelly Founding Member, ixo foundation Anne Connelly is the Network Lead with the ixo Foundation, an organization that leverages blockchain technology to optimize sustainable development impact using trusted data. She is passionate about harnessing blockchain and decentralized technology to transform the lives of people in developing countries.

Anne is the Vice Chair of the board of Blockchain Canada and has been an active part of the global blockchain community since He is a technology entrepreneur with experience in different industries. He is a lecturer in company building and writes on digital business and innovation. He is passionate about exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing and blockchain for social innovation.

His work was featured in international media such as Applied blockchain contact number. He developed the concept of Crowdjury, the use of collective intelligence and blockchain to transform the justice system.

He founded Kleros, an Ethereum decentralized organization that uses crowdsourcing and blockchain for dispute resolution. He is host to a forthcoming Coursera course on blockchain applied blockchain contact number be launched in early Previously, she co-founded 2 companies in food tech and genetics, through which she participated in Start-Up Chile and Singularity Applied blockchain contact number Global Solutions Program.

She has over a decade of experience on Wall Street as an investor, trader, and research analyst at companies like Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo, and BlackRock. Life is too short to waste on arguments. Blockgeeks mission is to share and grow the knowledge around Blockchain applied blockchain contact number.

We believe that Blockchain Engineering education should be open source. We teach blockchain technologies to our community, which in turn allows that community to provide and create structure for themselves. As Blockchain technologies take over the world, we'll empower people to shape and lead that new world. Sign-up Sign-in Sign Up. We just sent you a confirmation email.

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