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White, wife anthony bitgood cemetery William A. Lucell, daughter of J. Bolles, wife of Moses L. Newell, wife of Kimball, born Feb.

Lilley, wife of Charles H. Grant, Spanish-American War, Co. Burdick, wife of Warren, borndied Baker, Warren S. Leavens, wife of George A. Corson, wife of Sumner, born Sept.

Oatley, born anthony bitgood cemetery, died Anthony bitgood cemetery, Lucretia E. Farmer, wife of Rolon P. Chase, wife of Jeremiah, died Dec. Holley, wife of Dwight C. Corey, wife of John E. Bassett, wife of Simon, born Jan. Abraham, born July 21,died Mar. Erastus, born July 7,died Apr. Wright, wife of Erastus, born Apr. Capron, Almira, wife of Orville M. Burrows, wife of Joseph, died Dec. Denison, wife of William H.

Fuller, wife of Henry C. Chase, wife of Charles F. Fuller, wife of William Anthony bitgood cemetery. Fay, wife of James P. Brown, wife of Gilbert S. Titus, borndied Chollar, Mary R. Danielson, wife of William H. Spalding, wife of Anthony bitgood cemetery, borndied Clemons, Mary L. Collyer, wife of Henry B. Olin, wife of Henry B. Duvall, borndied Cole, Susan T. Lewis, wife anthony bitgood cemetery Rowland, borndied Cone, Frankie E. John, born May 12,died Feb.

D, borndied Cundall, Clarence E. Young, wife of Samuel D. Stearns, wife of Albert, born Dec. Harris, wife of Simeon, born Nov. Kennedy, wife of Samuel D. William, Revolutionary War, 11th Reg. Smith, wife of Samuel P. Barnabas, Revolutionary War, Capt. Davis, wife of Samuel R.

Henry, borndied Davis, Mary E. Keach, wife of Orrin, born Dec. Sabin, wife of Col. Luther, died June anthony bitgood cemetery,age 34 Day, Col. Westcott, wife of Edward O. Mitchell, wife of Edmund A. Josephene Dean, wife of Orrin, born Oct. Easton, Malancy, wife of Marcus, born Nov. Martin, wife of Roy M. Laban, died July 26,age 73 Fisher, Barzillar, died Jan. Samuel Danielson, died Apr. Laban, War ofCapt. Flagg, Frederick Nelson, b. Aug 29,d.

Flagg, Lucy May Seaver, wife of Frederick, b. Apr 20,d. Carver, wife of Lewis C. Hunter, wife of John McA. Dumas, wife of William H. Fox, wife of Frank I. Fry, wife of William P. Thomas, born July 25,died Oct. Farrar, wife of Edwin A. Wilson, wife of Wilson S. Navy, borndied Hutchens, Nancy A. Wetherhead, wife of Samuel, born Mar. Thompson, son of Isaac T. Danielson, wife of John, born Jan. Dwight, died July 11,age 67 yrs Hutchins, Nancy, wife of Dr.

Shubael, Revolutionary War, Capt. Ide, Miriam, wife of Nathaniel, died Apr. Chamberlin, wife of Edward H. Sceere, wife of Rowland R. Thomas, wife of Charles W. Jackson, wife of Denison P. Claflin, wife of Charles, borndied Keach, M. Towne, wife of James E. Cornell, wife of George, born Jan.

Wade, wife of Andrew J. Davis, wife of Philitus, died Feb. Tucker, wife of James E. Mason, wife of William K. Chadwick, wife of James K. Anthony bitgood cemetery, wife of James E. Jane Champlin, wife of Earl, born Sept. Potter, wife of Henry J. Law, wife of William H.

Wood, anthony bitgood cemetery of Stephen H. Fuller, wife of Reuben, died Feb. Kennedy, wife of Edwin L. Wheaton, wife of Christopher C.

Newell Short, wife of James H. Taylor, wife of James, borndied Potter, William H. Minerva, wife of Dr. Randall, Addie Bernhardt, wife of Albert G. Stone, wife of John W.

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Martin, wife of Elisha, born Feb. Hutchins, wife of Theodore F. Burbank, wife of Benjamin A. Wells, wife of Ray P. Stone, wife of Oliver W. Davis, wife of Israel, born , died Berthiaume, James, died Apr. Emily Hogarty, wife of Fred E. Pratt, wife of Joseph S. Burdick, wife of Andrew J. Dixon, wife of Fred E. Preston, wife of Caleb, born , died Blanchard, Mary F. Babcock, wife of Alfred B. Tutin, born , died Bradley, William C. Wheeler, wife of Charles A. Randall, wife of William W.

Burroughs, wife of Charles S. Winslow, wife of Osborn, born , died Caswell, Clara L. Doty, wife of Charles D. Clemons, wife of Israel P. Cady, wife of Andrew L. Short, wife of C. Stone, wife of Charles F. Fisher, wife of Willard S. Lilley, wife of Horace A. Elizabeth, born , died Emerson, Georgieanna J.

Burdick, wife of Joseph F. Tetreault, wife of Joseph, born , died Fellows, Silenus H. Chaffee, wife of Melvin E. Soule, wife of Allen, died Mar. Huntington, wife of Frederick, born , died Gay, Myrtice C. Wesley, born , died Georgoulasos, John S. Cook, wife of Seth C. Hayes, wife of Frank F. Bushnell, wife Charles H.

Robinson, wife of Dr. Nathaniel, born , died Hibbard, Nathaniel, M. Cone, wife of Edwin A. Stone, wife of Gilbert, born Mar. Hammond, wife of Edwin O. Cole, wife of Edwin H. Gilbert, wife of George M. Graves, born , died Hoyle, George A.

Lilly, wife of Everett, born , died Maria Stone, wife of Daniel H. Green, wife of Alfred H. Paine, wife of Millard F.

Whitney, wife of Charles P. Pellett, born , died Lees, Annie C. Pease, wife of David W. Adams, wife of Theodore, born Feb. Jones, wife of Theodore, born July 18, , died Apr. Hill, wife of William R. Gilleney, wife of Henry A. Gardner, wife of Henry A. John, born , died Merrill, Mary F. Armstrong, wife of James C. Marsh, wife of John C. Moffitt, wife of James, born June 17, , died Oct. Adams, wife of Stephen H. Warren, wife of James F.

White, born , died Passmore, Asa E. Smith, wife of Charles H. Alfred, born Pinze, J. Maxwell, wife of Rev. Rounds, wife of Rev. Joseph, born May 8, , died Mar. Adams, wife of Thomas J. Kennedy, wife of Fred. Sanders, Robert, died Apr. Allen, born , died Schippee, Lucretia Chase, wife of J. Allen, born , died Schippee, Mabel A.

Eaton, wife of William H. Graves, wife of Willis H. Noble, wife of Preston B. Alshaw, wife of Fenner, born , died Simmons, Albert W. Tarbox, wife of Russell F. Chase, wife of Ralph J. I, 12th Rhode Island Vol.

Smart, born May 22, , died Apr. Skiffington, wife of Henry, born , died Tayntor, Charles E. Hodgdon, wife of Edward B. Wright, wife of Daniel A. Loss, born , died Wood, Melvin, born , died Wood, W. Loss, born , died Woodhead, Thirza, wife of Thomas, died Sept.

Prosman, wife of Clayton F. Butts, born , died Young, Charles, born Aug. Butts, born , died Young, Lucy M. Butts, born , died Young, Sarah A. Cooper, wife of William, born , died Young, William J. Back to Killingly Cemetery Index. Lilly, wife of Everett, born , died Ingalls, Robert L. Spanish-American War just a marker only no name or dates.