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Experts suggest that having AI systems try to outwit one another could help a person judge their intentions. Amber Baldet says that we have a responsibility to create the types of systems we want to see in this world.

Can we 3d printing mit media lab bitcoin provide food, water, and energy to a 3d printing mit media lab bitcoin population during a climate crisis? In partnership with Qualcomm. In association with North Highland. Presented in partnership with Qualcomm. In association with AppDynamics. How can we be sure AI will behave? Perhaps by watching it argue with itself. Inside the Jordan refugee camp that runs on blockchain Syrian refugees could regain legal identities that were lost when they fled their homes.

Collection Business of Blockchain coverage Must-read recaps from our Business of Blockchain event, where technologists and thought-leaders from the cryptocurrency world are discussing how blockchains can make a difference in everything from finance to medicine to human rights.

Rewriting Life The brave new world of genetic genealogy The combination of DNA and genealogy is a potentially huge force for 3d printing mit media lab bitcoin in the world, but it must be used responsibly. Connectivity Meet the blockchain for building better widgets, cheaper and faster. A new prototype gets at how—and why—manufacturers and product designers might benefit from a blockchain.

Business Impact This article was written by a human the next one may not be Job of the future: Intelligent Machines 3d printing mit media lab bitcoin helped create an AI scavenger hunt that could lead to the first useful home robots To make AI programs smarter, researchers are creating virtual worlds for them to explore.

Sustainable Energy How to prepare cities and citizens for more killer heat waves As climate change takes hold, researchers are exploring what it will take for communities to adapt. Intelligent Machines How a gaming chip could someday save your life Nvidia has made a fortune selling chips for games and AI. Now 3d printing mit media lab bitcoin wants to reboot hospitals. When robots are your colleagues, which human skills will still matter?

Watch Video More videos. Valuing an asset in the crypto world Crypto assets versus cryptocurrencies How 3d printing mit media lab bitcoin market is pricing each unit of Bitcoin's transaction volume How banks use blockchains What comes beyond payments? AI in the cloud. Welcome to our annual list of the 10 technology advances we think will shape the way we work and live now and for years to come.

Sustainable Energy Can we sustainably provide food, water, and energy to a growing population during a climate crisis? How to prepare cities and citizens for more killer heat waves As climate change takes hold, researchers are exploring what it will take for communities to adapt.

How the science of persuasion could change the politics of climate change Conservatives have to make the case to conservatives, and a growing number of them are. More from Sustainable Energy. View from the Marketplace. Features Sustainable Energy How the science of persuasion could change the politics of climate change Conservatives have to make the case to conservatives, and a growing number of them are.

Rewriting Life Pet cloning is bringing human cloning a little bit closer People are copying pets to preserve a physical, and spiritual, connection to dead children. Connectivity Bitcoin is eating Quebec A Canadian hydropower operation put out the welcome mat for bitcoin miners.

Shortly thereafter, it was overrun. Rewriting Life Reprogramming our bodies to make us healthier. More from Rewriting Life.

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Public buildings account for the greatest energy demands in the Andorran economy. As part of the City Science Lab Andorra, a team of sci Sleep is a forgotten country of the mind: A vast majority of our technologies are built for our waking state, even though a third of our SynopsisVespers is a collection of masks exploring what it means to design with life.

From the relic of the death mask to a contemporar Tuesday April 24, How can a cryptocurrency be worth anything in the first place? Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports. Public libraries are one of most trusted public institutions in the US and increasingly provide a broad range of education services, rang Inertia is a platform for exploring physical interactions between real active agents and virtual elements in an augmented reality environ City Science researchers are developing a slew of tangible and digital platforms dedicated to solving spatial design and urban planning c Imagine a future where lights are not fixed to the ceiling, but follow us wherever we are.

In this colorful world we enjoy lighting that The applications of the caricature generator in the areas of teleconferencing, games, and interactive graphic interfaces are explored.

The future of human habitation in space, from Low Earth Orbit LEO to planetary systems far beyond, lies in self-assembling, adaptive, a The delivery of mental health interventions via ubiquitous devices has shown a lot of promise.

A natural conversational interface that al The City Symphony project by the Opera of the Future group brings creative musical participation to everyone while encouraging collaborat Seeing through dense, dynamic, and heterogeneous fog conditions. The technique, based on visible light, uses hardware that is similar to One of the eternal challenges of economic development is how to identify the economic activities that a country, city, or region should t Space will be hackable.

Space will be playful. Space grows ever more accessible to the space enthusiast. We investigated the spread of all of the verified news stories—verified as either true or false—distributed on Twitter from to Sponsored and run by members of Structurally, zero gravity means that we do not have to contend with architecture's greatest arch-nemesis, gravity.

This opens up a new w Media Lab researchers are teaming up with public librarians to design new projects and programs for libraries. The Gender Shades project pilots an intersectional approach to inclusive product testing for AI. Algorithmic Bias PersistsGender Shades is Recent advances in medications for neurodegenerative disorders are expanding opportunities for improving the debilitating symptoms suffer Since Alan Turing envisioned Artificial Intelligence AI , a major driving force behind technical progress has been competition with huma Researchers should hold themselves morally accountable for all of the consequences of their work.

That can require publicly acknowledging Presenting RFind, a new technology that allows us to locate almost any object with extreme accuracy by transforming low-cost, battery-fre The Conformable Decoders group is now home to a state-of-the-art cleanroom called the "YellowBox.

Take control of your social feed. Gobo is a social media aggregator with filters you control. Emotional content is an important part of language. There are many use cases now showing that natural language processing is becoming an Enlarging clinical samples for imaging to understand the building blocks of pathologies with nanoscale precision.

Find People, Projects, etc. Advancing justice in Earth's complex systems using designs enabled by space. We cannot certify that an AI agent is ethical by looking at its source code. Fluorescent sensor allows imaging of neurons' electrical communications, without electrodes. The new issue looks at designing a complex and unknowable future with machines. How one collaborative month has changed Labbers' views of making stuff.