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We want to show something that looks pretty funny and spend a sightseeing tour on the dark side 24_03_2018 1lbitcoin corrupted block databasefree bitcoin every the Internet. We are both researchers who like to roam the dark alleys, for example in Tokyo, I do not even know exactly where this happened. Finding hidden services is the most difficult thing when you go to Thor. This is 24_03_2018 1lbitcoin corrupted block databasefree bitcoin every Hidden Wikipedia Hidden Wiki, most people like to use it, but I found extremely outdated information, and most of the links in it are damaged or do not work.

But in it you can still find "precious stones". Torfind and TorSearch are search engines Thor. Gram is another search engine Tor, made in the style of the Google search engine, it will help you find any thing that is available in the Darknet markets, just enter its name in the search box.

Deep Web Links and Reddit are not on the Thor network. They do not have "onion" addresses, but they have many references such as "word of mouth". A lot of people distribute the addresses of "onion" sites, so to speak, word of mouth, sending them to their friends.

There are also sites on the "interests", such as the Pirate Bay The Pirate Bay24_03_2018 1lbitcoin corrupted block databasefree bitcoin every you can download various content. Therefore, it's bad if your Bittorrent does not support working with onion sites. Also note that if you are trying to download illegal torrents, it's better to do this via Thor, because uploading files from the "Pirate Bay" does not mean that you remain anonymous.

My favorite "Murder Market" is a website created on the basis of "people's funding". Now, regardless of whether it is legal or not, I doubt it. The essence of the market is that you pay bitcoins for someone to kill a person, and everyone starts to put bitcoins into it, and if someone can prove that he is the murderer, then they give him all the beatcoins. This list came across quite funny names, but, unfortunately, I can not show it to you.

Another useful resource is the rent-A-Hacker hacking hiring platform, here you can order hacking 24_03_2018 1lbitcoin corrupted block databasefree bitcoin every for a corresponding reward in bitcoins.

Next, I give the addresses of useful forums for you. TCF is a forum for carding Thor, it is dedicated to hacking bank cards. Paying for the entrance, you can buy credit card numbers, identification data and other hacker information, later we'll talk more about it. Intellectual exchange, or Intel Exchange, is visited by a lot of people.

This forum is devoted to the exchange of various information, which people share with each other, remaining anonymous. It basically trolls all sorts of "secret knowledge", discusses Deep web and Miranda's network, it's pretty fun. There is also a lot of useful information here. HackBB is a somewhat different kind of forum, here you make simple executive files that will allow you to gain covert control over anything.

Network markets are places where people are interested in buying just such things. You can check Darknet markets, on the side of the page there is their regularly updated list indicating the status, regardless of whether they are considered trustworthy, and quality assessment. The most popular is the second version of Silkroad, or the Silk Road, followed by Agora with a decent selection of products, but I like Evolution most of all, later I'll tell you more about it.

Now I will hold for you a small demonstration of how 24_03_2018 1lbitcoin corrupted block databasefree bitcoin every get to the Silkroad market. For this I copy Reference and paste it into the browser's Thor line. Done, now you need to enter a username and password.

This is the main page of Silkroad. On the left you see a list of drugs that many people can find here, alcohol and more interesting things, for example, electronics. We go to the page of electronics offers, its range is constantly being updated, and we do not know what we will find here today. I will say this: The SS site does not look very convenient for purchases, and I do not know how lawful it is, but here you can ask the price for such things.

Now I will try to visit the site TCF at this link. Here, too, you need to enter a login and password. Let's see if we can buy stolen information. There is a section of virtual cards and physical bank cards. Keep this in mind when Metacortex calls their cost. From media reports, you know how urgent the problem of identity theft and how to steal data from millions of credit cards from different stores, and this site eloquently testifies to the activities of such intermediaries. I've never seen such low prices - a dollar for every card!

You ask, what's the chance that the card dealer will not be torn to pieces? The chances are quite small, because there is the same feedback system as, for example, Amazon, where people write that they have purchased goods from this seller, and have used it for a while, and recommend this seller as tested.

For us, these markets are not of consumer interest, but of research interest. We come here to look at the dynamics of prices, what they sell, how they sell and how this system works.

And when we start a conversation with the seller, it is completely open to dialogue, because it also works anonymously. There are still very interesting things for me, such as fake documents. On the first site you can buy fake US driving licenses, which can be safely scanned, they have a hologram and ultraviolet labels. The second sells forged passports and driver's licenses, on the third the false passports necessary for you to disappear to commit any unseemly acts.

I had to hear that all false documents are completely legal, since they are made as qualitatively as possible, and you do not need to use Thor when buying them, but I still would advise you to use Thor for this.

This is the main page of the website for selling FakeID passports. You can see that here you can buy the passports of all these beautiful countries: Theoretically, you can send them all the necessary information and get a ready passport. And now we went to the site where they sell the driver's license. Let's try to go to the last site. The US passport costs euros. You can order a set of passport and driver's license or identity documents, and the purchase will cost less.

For an additional cost of euros you will be shown in your passport 24_03_2018 1lbitcoin corrupted block databasefree bitcoin every visa and stamp the appropriate stamps. Because, based on my experience, I note that if you fly with a 24_03_2018 1lbitcoin corrupted block databasefree bitcoin every passport, it is checked much longer than a passport filled with seals. I will show you this video with a passage from the film "Bourne Identification".

That's why you might need a bunch of fake passports. Usually 24_03_2018 1lbitcoin corrupted block databasefree bitcoin every purchase is made for bitcoins, most people on the Internet pay this currency. They do not use Defcoin because they fear them, but this situation can change joke. Usually, bitcoins are downloaded into the electronic wallet of your account in the market and you buy anything, your bitcoins arrive on a special Escrow account, and when you receive your goods, Escrow sends your money to the seller.

You select the delivery point, and you can find out more detailed information by reading the OPSEC rules. I have more reference information about bitcoin in the form of slides, we will then return to them, but in the meantime, continue in order. In fact, bitcoin has a technology called "tumbler", which ensures its anonymity.

Toggle is a service offered to mix potentially identified bitcoins with others to confuse anyone who wants to follow 24_03_2018 1lbitcoin corrupted block databasefree bitcoin every transaction chain back to the original sender.

In fact, you throw your money into a common cauldron, everyone throws in their money, Tumbler mixes them, and then returns the people their investments. Therefore, it is very difficult to track what really happens inside this boiler, where the bitcoins come from and where they go. If you are engaged in very doubtful cases some people oppose tumblers, but they do not cause any particular damageyou will still get the most of your money, less the fee for anonymity of currency use.

Now we will discuss some considerations about the Torah that violate its security, because of which in some cases you can lose your anonymity. As I know, today the greatest danger for TOR is the correlation attacks on the stream cipher. If someone owns the input and output nodes of the Thor network, he can establish a connection between these nodes. We discussed correlative attacks a few days ago on Thor blogs, there it was talked about malicious nodes that injected headers into data packets to track some places of Darknet.

This was fixed a week or two ago, throwing such nodes from the network Tor. You should also mention some exploits of browsers that can identify you. Then follow some considerations about bitcoins, which will make you more anonymous. Keep in mind that bitcoins are not completely anonymous currency, because the technology of blocking is public. You can track any transaction that occurs within the Bitcoin network.

Tumblers help to fight this. In addition, many people invest in bitcoins very large funds, which are scattered into millions of pieces, so it is simply impossible to track where they came from. First, stay abreast of all Thor events by visiting blogs. 24_03_2018 1lbitcoin corrupted block databasefree bitcoin every what opportunities 24_03_2018 1lbitcoin corrupted block databasefree bitcoin every as a result of the update, and which disappeared.

Secondly, regularly update the Tor browser. Also, follow the update of the status of the current markets. The Subreddit sites are simply a fantastic tool for this. They are not located 24_03_2018 1lbitcoin corrupted block databasefree bitcoin every the Thor network, but in the "clean" Internet. Monitor your activity in the browser and try to do anonymously those things that require it.

Use different browsers for different purposes, that is, do not register on Facebook through the same browser that you use to visit DarkMarket on the Thor network, if you do not want to be tracked. You use VM technology specifically to create Thor connections.

I even have a separate laptop for Tails. I load it fast enough in Windows 8. As we said, it's very convenient in a cafe when you are doing something dishonest. This laptop does not have a traditional hard disk, it has a Tails-disk. This 24_03_2018 1lbitcoin corrupted block databasefree bitcoin every a different level of security.

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